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Saturday Night at the Movies with Carole Lombard 

My eldest son came home from university in Melbourne yesterday, which was exciting, as it’s been nearly a year since he left for the big smoke with his (now ex) girlfriend. Not quite as exciting as playing with kangaroos on the beach ( which you can see on my Instagram feed), but pretty cool.

Our exciting Saturday night tradition is pizza and a movie. Homemade pizza of course, which my husband usually makes, and a family movie, that I get to pick. The pizza was good, although made with white flour (no doubt in retaliation for a week of national loaf) which I regretted afterwards. The movie had no ill effects, and starred two of my favourite 30s actors, Carole Lombard and James Stewart. 


A last tribute to carol lombard, 1942

Newly weds Jane (Lombard) and John (Stewart)

“Made for each other” is set in 1938 and 1939, in prewar New York, a city then of around 7 1/2 million. The newly married couple live with his mother, and apparently neither women can cook or clean and need a maid to help them, which to me is the best part of the story! Worth a watch, it does get a little teary at one point, but gives great insight to how confident much of the world was before the war. You can find it on YouTube here.

I think Lombard was the definitive actresses of the screwball comedy genre, and she ranks among the American Film Institute’s greatest female stars of classic Hollywood cinema. 

CRol Lombard makes a comeback to comedy, 1940

CRol Lombard makes a comeback to comedy, 1940


 Apparently, she was also nice.

Why Carole Lombard is liked, 1938

Why Carole Lombard is liked, 1938

In 1939 she married Clark Gable, a second marriage for her and a third for him. Who knows if it would have lasted. In a ‘Sliding doors” type story, after surviving a car crash so severe it required she undergo plastic surgery, Lombard died in an aircraft crash in Nevada, while returning from a War Bond tour with her mother, on 16 January 1942. She was 33.

A last tribute to carol lombard, 1942

A last tribute to carol lombard, 1942

31 January 1942, We shall never forget Carol Lombard

31 January 1942, We shall never forget Carol Lombard

Her other wonderful movies include My Man Godfrey (1936) and Mr and Mrs Smith (1941). Enjoy!


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